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:: Andrey Gorelov - Russia

Thank a lot to all the Komodo Cruises team! Dewi - great manager and soul of the team! Hugo and Igor - very professional diveguides and good guys Mangguanna boat crew - very friendly and always ready to asssist. Mangguanna - small and nice boat for the small group. There was awesome Komodo liveaboard safary! Very comfjrtable boat. Good choise of the divesites. Good speedboat for the diving. And..... AWESOME DIVING at Komodo National Park!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Sea Safari VI is a luxury vessel designed for 20 people. She based in benoa harbour Bali and operates regularly for Bali and Komodo expedition 7 Days and 6 nights.


Here are few example of "Sea Safari VI" a route journey , This is only an overview of the programs we offer, this route may be subject to change depending on weather conditions.

8 Days "Bali - Komodo - Bali" Liveaboard with Sea Safari 6

  • Day 1 : Benoa, Bali (Check Dive)
  • Day 2 : Moyo National Park (3x day dive)
  • Day 3 : Komodo N. Park, Banta and Rinca island (3x day dive + 1x night dive)
  • Day 4 : Komodo N. Park, Nusa Kode (1x tracking + 2x day dive + 1x night dive)
  • Day 5 : Tora Longkoy - Padar - Lohoksera (3x day dive + 1x night dive)
  • Day 6 : North Komodo, Gili Lawa area (3x day dive)
  • Day 7 : Satonda island (2x day dive)
  • Day 8 : Cruise back to Bali

DAY 1: BENOA – BALI (Check Dive)

  • Embarkation from Bali’s main port at Benoa Harbor in the morning. Cabin allocation and ship orientation as well as dive deck briefing will take place before you start cruising towards Moyo Island.


  • Arriving in the morning to the shore of beautiful Moyo Island, National Marine Reserve
  • After breakfast, you will have ample opportunity to dive all the magnificent sites
  • Lunch and dinner will be served onboard in between the dives.
  • The last dive of the day will be offered before cruising to the east with the sun setting behind the ship while you cruise through the SANGEANG island (dormant volcanic island)

DAY 3: KOMODO NATIONAL PARK (3x Day Dive + 1x Night Dive)

  • The boat arrives early in the stunning volcanic island, Sangeang
  • Sea Safari 6 welcomes you to enjoy the half days of diving at the one of the best dive site in the island.
  • Lunch will be served onboard while the boat sailing toward to Banta Island for another afternoon and night dive. We will then proceed to Rinca and Nusa Kode

DAY 4: KOMODO NATIONAL PARK / NUSA KODE (1x Tracking + 2x Day Dive + 1x Night Dive))

  • The boat arrives early in the morning to do Tracking in the famous Rinca Island that features the world’s most unusual wildlife attraction. A park ranger will escort you across the island ( about 4,5 km there and back ) to a viewing spot to safely watch the “Komodo Dragons” at very close range.
  • After Tracking, we shall have lunch onboard Best dive sites in Nusa Kode will color up your day. Dive sites are probably very famous in Komodo like ‘Cannibal Rock’, ‘ Wall of Texas’, ‘Banana Island’, and ‘ Torpedo Alley’. Lunch and dinner will be served in between the dives.
  • Night dive will be offered before dinner. This three meter pinnacle buried in the deep bay between these two islands is covering with weird critters and coral garden on every inches of this area. This will include ornate ghost pipefish, frog fish, flying gunard, pigmy seahorse, a tons of nudibranchs, bluering octopus, zebra crab and the coleman shrimp ( only living with the toxic sea urchin), marble Torpedo Ray and many more to see. Many dive sites around this bay will guarantee to make divers ‘addicted’.

DAY 5: TORA LONGKOY - PADAR - LOHOKSERA (3x Day Dive + 1x Night Dive)

  • Arrive in Toro Longkoi. Here, one of the well-known dive sites is ‘Manta Ale’, located in the south west of Komodo. This is a home to famous manta cleaning station. This area is excellent wide-angle opportunity as the topography of this island is facing towards the wide-open Indian Ocean. The three rock between this deep bay is all covered by multicolor of soft coral and hard coral garden, leather coral, shark and number of large fish with many different species such as Jack, Tuna, Napoleon, Barracuda, and many other schools of fish. During the season of October – November, golden opportunity to snorkel and dive with Manta as they circle around you. This site is entitled with the most active area in Komodo.
  • Lunch will be served onboard.


  • In the morning we begin in North Komodo at Bay of Gili Lawa, another outstanding diving location in Komodo region, which will include the sea mound and the drift diving of the point. We will be able to offer as many dives as possible. Lunch and dinner will be served in between the dive. Cruising through this spectacular area, both above water and below will prove unforgettable experience.
  • After night dive, we set sail to Satonda Island.

DAY 7 : SATONDA ISLAND (2x Day Dive)

  • Welcome to the first day diving in enchanting islands of Satonda. Breakfast will be served onboard upon arrival. Beach BBQ is prepared for you.
  • The last dive arranged in the late afternoon before the boat heading into the sunset towards Benoa.


  • You spend your last day onboard and reach Benoa Harbour in the late afternoon. Breakfast and lunch will be served onboard.
  • After that, you will be prepared for Disembarkation. TRIP END. You’ll be transferred to your next destination.

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