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:: Andrey Gorelov - Russia

Thank a lot to all the Komodo Cruises team! Dewi - great manager and soul of the team! Hugo and Igor - very professional diveguides and good guys Mangguanna boat crew - very friendly and always ready to asssist. Mangguanna - small and nice boat for the small group. There was awesome Komodo liveaboard safary! Very comfjrtable boat. Good choise of the divesites. Good speedboat for the diving. And..... AWESOME DIVING at Komodo National Park!!! THANK YOU!!!!

SV Mona Lisa is a Phinisi Buginese schooner boat made ​​in 2006 designed by divers and intended for divers. Felicia offer you some great diving holiday on the "Felicia" by providing, the best diving spots, the best services with 4 dives daily if possible, cleanliness onboard, and last but not least a first class catering.


Here an example of "Mona Lisa" a route journey 7 Days / 6 Night liveaboard trip, This is only an overview of the programs we offer, this route may be subject to change depending on weather conditions.

7 Days "L Bajo - Komodo - L Bajo" Liveaboard with Mona Lisa

  • Day 1 : Labuan Bajo - Gili Lawa Darat (2x Dives)
  • Day 2 : North Komodo | Crystal Rock - Castle Rock - Karang Makassar (4 Dives)
  • Day 3 : Central Komodo | Batu Bolong - Tatawa island - Pink Beach - Batu Tiga (Snorkeling + 4 Dives)
  • Day 4 : Central Komodo | Pink Beach - Loh Namu (1x optional tracking + 4 Dives)
  • Day 5 : Central Komodo | Padar island - Pillarsteen (4 Dives)
  • Day 6 : South Komodo | Payung island - Indihiang (3x DIves + Snorkeling)
  • Day 7 : Labuan Bajo - Transfer to Airport


  • Pick up from airport - Transfer to SV Mona Lisa, and then check out dive
  • Darat Passage South: start your adventure on this pretty coral reef, swim with turtles, and watch coral trout, anchovies, small tuna and trevallies feed in the bay. Along the bottom of the slope fish life increases, and you’ll see garden eels sway and white tip reef sharks sleep on the sandy bottom.
  • Night dive inside Gili Lawa Darat bay.

Day 2: NORTH KOMODO | Crystal Rock - Castle Rock - Karang Makassar Moring

  • Darat Passage North, Gili Lawa Darat Island: the reef slope is very rich marine life. Towards the channel, you can see turtles, a school of giant sweet lips, sharks and batfish.
  • Crystal Rock: exhilarating and very colorful dive with excellent soft coral coverage. Expect clouds of altheas and scorpion fish, frog fish and moray eels.
  • Castle Rock: admire curious batfish, schooling barracuda, trivially and mackerels. Numerous sea fans and host pygmy seas horses.
  • Night dive @ Karang Makassar mooring.


  • Batu Bolong: this reef is covered with colorful corals, invertebrate life and brilliant reef fish. Observe napoleon wrasse, dogtooth tuna, and rainbow runners…..
  • Tatawa Kecil: rocks, caves, and beautiful coral gardens grace the reef on the western side of the island. The nightlights of this dive are definitely the dugongs and manta rays. • Snorkeling for mantas
  • Batu Tiga: an excellent an excellent “big fish” dive. Large boulders in deeper water to the west offer excellent habitat for grouper, mantas, giants trivially, and other pelagic fish.
  • Sailing to Pantai Merah / Pink beach - Night dive @ Pantai Merah.

Day 4: CENTRAL KOMODO | Pantai Merah - Loh Namu - Padar island

  • Pantai Merah / Pink Beach: you will encounter a great variety of fish here, and a good selection of critters such as leaf scorpion fish, blue ribbon eel’s rocodile fish, and nudibranchs.
  • Optional hike to see the Komodo Dragons - This magnificent reptile is one of the few remaining links to the days when dinosaurs roamed the planet…..
  • Pinnacle dive ( bay): critters
  • Loh Namu: near the southern corner of this reef, large boulders spread out over the drop-of. Are you ready for large schools of coral trout, Malabar groupers, huge Napoleon wrasse, and even a giant T gig as clam
  • Sailing to Padar, night dive @ Padar island

Day 5: CENTRAL KOMODO | Padar Rock - Pillarsteen - Three Sisters

  • Pillaarsteen: amazing reefs cape. Large schools of fusiliers swim along the reef slope, which is covered with a magnificent variety of south corals. Be prepared for a shark and turtles!
  • Three Sisters / Tiga Dara: a pristine reef with excellent coral coverage and rich fish life.
  • The Padar Rock ( critter dive ) and Night dive @ Padar Rock

Day 6: SOUTH KOMODO | Payung islan - Indihiang

  • Payung Island: if you’re looking for a different experience, you’ve found it! This unique underwater landscape with its huge rocks, canyons and crevices to explore, will give you the illusion of a wreck dive. Fish and invertebrate life is diverse and abundant: big schools of surgeons and yellow snappers, rocky reefs covered with soft coral, gorgonians and feather stars.
  • Indihiang: this is drift- - diving paradise: many big fish and good coral diversity can be seen along the steep walls. Top attractions include potato cod, large Napoleon wrasse and schools of giant trevallies and snappers.
  • Sailing to Karang Makassar / snorkeling


  • Returning customer transfer to Labuanbajo by speed boat.
  • Transfer to airport

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